The Post's continued editorial support for an intercounty connector ["The Great Traffic Jam Ahead," June 26] suggests that no one on The Post's editorial staff lives in eastern Montgomery County. People who live here know that you can't take the Metro from Silver Spring anymore because Route 29 from Randolph/Cherry Hill Road to the outer Beltway entrance is a parking lot. If you want to get to the District, you take Cherry Hill Road east across to Route 1 and the inner Beltway one-half mile to the Greenbelt station.

The Post's assumption that a minimum-access east-west highway a few miles north of Randolph Road would solve this problem is ludicrous. The traffic that gets on the outer Beltway at Route 29 in the morning is going to Virginia, or I-270 north would be jammed. Because I-270, I-95 and Route 1 also are jammed, what good would an intercounty connector do on any of the proposed routes?

It still is relatively fast and easy to go across Randolph Road or Norwood between Silver Spring and Rockville, and improved flow will come when all the planned street improvements are completed. For all those people in western Montgomery County who want to get to BWI at rush hour, the state highway department needs to connect I-370 to Route 32 at Clarksville. This also would get all those Howard County people who do want to get to Rockville off Route 29 and I-95.

The only real problem left is what are we going to do with all those people who will move into the new residences planned off Route 29 just north of the Howard-Montgomery county border. The Post might put in a good word for a moratorium on all development in the Route 1 and Route 29 corridors north of the Beltway until a workable regional transportation plan is implemented.


Silver Spring