I am sorry Richard Moe of the National Trust for Historic Preservation found the 'burbs along Route 7 so unpleasant ["Lots Not to Like," Style, July 5]. As a senior citizen living in Lansdowne, I enjoy being near Route 7: I have close-by access to shopping at Safeway and to restaurants such as the Outback. And I can drive around without fear of car-jacking, which is not how I felt when I lived in the District.

Development must consider historical sites, but as a former farm owner I know that not all farms are historical sites -- nor are all developers Disney clones.

More important, the elitist, liberal daddy-knows-best attitude manifested in the article ignores reality. Many of the new generation of young people living in Ashburn, the Cascades and similar places work in the new hi-tech companies near their homes, raise their children, send them to good schools and crowd the churches on Sunday. They can't all live in beautiful neighborhoods in cities, and most probably don't want to.

Our goal should be to see some balance in development. No one wants to desecrate historical sites. All of us want our children to live in safe neighborhoods.