From remarks by Attorney General Janet Reno at a news briefing yesterday in Washington:

Q: China has now said that it does have the neutron bomb. They announced that yesterday through its Xinhua News Agency. And they said they've gotten it through their own study, their own devices and not through any type of international espionage. Do you believe that? Do you believe the Chinese got this bomb without spying?

Janet Reno: I have not seen their statement, so I couldn't comment.

Q: Well, that's about as simple as it is. If that is their statement, what would be your reaction to it?

A: I would look at the statement and look at it in more depth.

Q: Well, a question I've asked you before, has China -- and is China -- still attempting to steal U.S. secrets? Military secrets, especially?

A: I would not comment.

Q: The president seems to be supporting Vice President Al Gore's call for registration of gun owners. What do you think of that idea? I know you expressed some thoughts on it before, but are there any steps underway in the federal government to study this issue or to produce legislation?

A: . . . I don't talk in terms of registration. What I talk in terms of is I don't think any person should have a weapon unless [he has] demonstrated the capacity to safely and lawfully use that weapon and pass a written and manual test evidencing [his] ability to do so.