You are too clever by far. Each time I find that your editorial position and news slant on abortion, firearms, sexual deviancy and the death penalty have finally gone too far and I am about to cancel my subscription of many years, you print an article such as the July 14 op-ed by Michael Kelly, "Blame Hillary Clinton," and I can't do it.

As long as you continue to throw in a piece like that every once in a while, I'll have to keep on reading and fuming.

-- Bill Penn

The reading of "Blame Hillary Clinton" left me breathless. What Michael Kelly wrote is not about opinion; it is about pure, blind hate and should be kept solely for the benefit of the handful of the National Journal subscribers.

Kelly did his best to sell the impeachment of Bill Clinton. He failed. Clinton is still in the White House acting very presidential. His leading role in the delicate Kosovo affair was well respected by most Europeans, contrary to what Kelly had predicted.

Clinton-bashing is yesterday's story. When we regular people talk about "Clinton Fatigue," what we are trying to tell you guys up there in your ivory tower of 15th Street is that we are very fatigue of the likes of Kelly.

-- Nicole Pinniger

Michael Kelly writes that because Hillary Clinton was a central figure in the 1992 campaign, and because she failed to warn us about her husband's propensity to lie, she should be blamed for the Lewinsky scandal and the accompanying prosecutions and impeachment. By extension, Kelly asserts, the first lady is unfit for the U.S. Senate, an office of high public trust, because of her betrayal of the national interest in "foisting such a man [Bill Clinton] upon the nation."

Thanks to Kelly, we now know that it was Pat Nixon who was responsible for Watergate. She must have known that her husband was a paranoid, pathological liar, and she betrayed the public trust when she didn't warn us about him.

If we follow Kelly's logic and blame Hillary Clinton for the scandals of the Clinton administration, then we should also give her credit for the successes that administration has achieved. Mrs. Clinton, therefore, is responsible for the unparalleled economic growth of the last six years. She is the architect of the balanced budget and the ever-growing budget surplus and should be praised for giving us a president who stopped ethnic cleansing in the Balkans and brought peace to the Middle East and Northern Ireland.

In fact, we should not just elevate Hillary Clinton to the U.S. Senate -- we should elect her president.

-- Trevor Parry-Giles

and Shawn J. Parry-Giles