I am writing in response to the article "Curry Has Guards On and Off the Job" [Metro, July 13]. I work as a police officer in the town of Upper Marlboro. While I do not interact with County Executive Wayne Curry, I am aware that Prince George's County officials, as well as town officials and judges, are frequent recipients of feedback about their performance. The feedback is not always upbeat. In the past three years, while on routine patrol, I have encountered three different people who had an agenda that included hurting a public official. I arrested them before they were able to get into the government buildings to do harm to anyone.

The "activists" mentioned in the article complained that Curry's security detail is a waste of money. Your writer points out that security team members go to ballgames with their charges and implies that they receive special "perks" on the job, which he admits are "kosher."

When "Barney in Mayberry" (me) can run across demented knuckleheads on routine patrol, I daresay the executive protection is necessary and worth every penny spent on it. If I have arrested just three, think about how many have gotten through the front door of the courthouse or in the vestibule of Curry's office.

Serve and protect, that's what we do. We fight what you fear.

-- Jim Boyd