I agree with the many writers [letters, June 21, 26; July 10] who have expressed their dismay with WETA's unforgivable decision to replace classical music on 90.9 FM with several hours of erudite babble each morning. No argument made thus far by the WETA brain trust justifies that switch, because there is none. The early morning pleasure of sipping coffee, reading The Post and listening to Bach or Mozart (without commercials) is gone. The sources of good music continue to dry up while we are besieged by news, punditry and talk night and day on myriad television and radio outlets.

For those of us who are lovers of both classical music and jazz, this is our second major loss. I am still experiencing pangs of withdrawal from the demise of WDCU Jazz 90 in 1997. Now we have C-SPAN's WCSP on 90.1 FM offering nonstop talk as a replacement for the lyrical improvisations of Miles Davis and Stan Getz.

In one sense, the reduction of WETA's musical offerings is more egregious because it was the brainchild of WETA's management, our assumed cultural guardian, whereas the sale of the jazz station resulted from the D.C. financial control board's efforts to raise money for our (then) financially strapped city. Since the control board was concerned only with bean counting, not the cultural loss to the community, one may disapprove of but still understand its decision. WETA's management warrants neither understanding nor approval, only scorn.