Just because "some lawyers" object to Chief Justice Rehnquist's singing "Dixie" [news story, July 25], this does not mean that the rest of us have to give in to their contempt for our American culture. These are the same people who have removed the name of George Washington from public schools, e.g., in New Orleans, stating that the father of our country is not worthy enough to be thus honored.

Where will this nonsense end? After the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial are no more? What about our National Archives? It contains documents written by two slave owners -- our Declaration of Independence (Thomas Jefferson) and our Constitution (James Madison). Perhaps the National Park Service should be instructed to destroy the Robert E. Lee Memorial at Arlington House because he is offensive to "some lawyers."

It's becoming painfully clear that a small, albeit loud, element in our society will not be satisfied until our central culture is destroyed. This is the same culture that has given more freedom and prosperity to more people than any other in the world. Apparently these lawyers were never read the story about "killing the goose that laid the golden egg" when they were in school.

What will these self-righteous people do with our beautiful Lincoln Memorial? After all, President Lincoln had some very non-1999 PC views concerning racial equality. He also liked "Dixie" very much and ordered it played at the White House after Appomattox. Does that mean that his memorial has to come down? I hope not.

Even though I was born in New York City, I'll proudly stand with Chief Justice Rehnquist any time to sing "Dixie"!

-- Andrew Mivelaz Johnson