So, how much did George W. Bush have to pay to get the kind of exclusive, in-depth, life-history treatment that you have been giving him on the front page of every issue of your paper this week? Will Al Gore get the same treatment? Bill Bradley? If so, it would behoove you to make that clear.

The series -- being run on the front page, not in an election section or something -- makes it look as though you are emphasizing the candidacy of Bush, and the lack of coverage of other candidates in the same way, or sidebars or boxes detailing election coverage to come, make you all look pretty biased indeed.

Even if you have big coverage of Gore, it will be after the Bush biography, in which you continue the trend of covering the person George W. Bush and ignore the buzz about his "lack of ideas," which you should be addressing, whether it is true or false. I would prefer to know where Bush stands on issues such as gun-control, fiscal policy and tolerance.

I look forward to hundreds of column-inches on Albert Gore, Bill Bradley, Ralph Nader and Jesse Ventura in future week-long biography series in your paper.

-- Jonathan Morgan

The July 27 installment in your series about George W. Bush may create an invidious impression of the governor's academic performance at Yale. I taught an upper-level history honors seminar in Yale College in the 1960s and was quoted in the article as being "dumbfounded" when informed by your reporter that Bush had been a member of my class. When your reporter contacted me, I was at least as dumbfounded by his ingenuity in penetrating the iron curtain of student-record confidentiality as I was surprised at being informed of Bush's participation in my class, which I did not immediately remember.

A subsequent check of my records and notes in my possession confirms that Bush was a conscientious student who received a good grade in my class and more than held his own intellectually against a select group of his peers.

-- James H. Hutson

I was on both the JV and varsity basketball teams with George W. Bush at Andover [front page, July 27]. It is quite apparent to me that your writers and researchers are biased in favor of that other school in New Hampshire with a similar name. Why else would one publish a picture and the lackluster record of our JV team, when a year later the varsity team had a stellar record, a winning season and beat Exeter twice by a total of three points? It was our first win over them in four years. And George was a starter -- at least for a part of the season! I just wanted to set the record straight.

-- Conway Downing Jr.