On the July 11 Close to Home page, Harry R. "Bob" Moore posed several questions on Redskins football tickets. Here are a few answers from an unsuccessful 1966 season ticket applicant:

(1) Why are there empty seats at "sold-out" games? Many season ticket holders do not attend the games or bother to offer their seats to others. There was an active, unofficial ticket exchange at the Touchdown Club on game mornings -- but now that club's gone. Is there a Redskins entrepreneur out there?

(2) My yellowed application broke 5,000 by 1993, but my number wasn't low enough for tickets when the team moved from RFK Stadium to Jack Kent Cooke Stadium. In contrast to Mr. Moore, however, I've been informed the season ticket application list is still alive and well.

(3) The shafting of some 40,000 of us on that season ticket waiting list was a decision made by the late Jack Kent Cooke. Mr. Cooke ruled that the approximately 20,000 additional seats made available by construction of the new stadium would first be offered to the 16,000 season tickets holders who already held all 55,000 seats at RFK.

Surprise! These longtime ticket holders bought almost all the available new seats -- leaving only a handful for the top few on the season ticket list.

(4) All those of us who are on the old season ticket list had the advance opportunity to buy club seats for at least double the price of regular seats. Only a few of us did. As a result, a few more expensive club seats do remain available for purchase.

On a final note, by a fluke I gained season club seats last year. What surprises me is the many different folks who occupy seats each week. Only a dozen in my section are regular attendees.


Middleway, W.Va.