The Post's July 26 editorial discussing the restoration of funding for the United Nations Population Fund said that pro-life Rep. Chris Smith is missing the mark in trying to block funding because UNFPA is actually involved in reducing the number of abortions worldwide.

But Rep. Smith, as a pro-life legislator, has good reason to oppose the restoration of funds. The truth is that UNFPA is actively, albeit quietly, involved in providing and increasing access to abortion worldwide.

For example, the "safe childbirth kit" that the editorial mentions was sent to every member of Congress but was only one component of the "reproductive health kits" UNFPA sent to Kosovar refugees in April. Also included in the packages to Kosovo was vacuum extraction equipment, which is used to perform abortions. In addition to its questionable activities in China, UNFPA actively encourages and supports organizations such as International Planned Parenthood and Zero Population Growth, which not only lobby vigorously for the liberalization of abortion laws in all countries but also are involved in providing abortions.

These facts suggest that UNFPA does actively support and promote abortion. Whether $25 million in funding should be restored or not, Rep. Smith is right to raise a concerned voice about the abortion-related activities of UNFPA.


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