Add William Lind's to the list of voices trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of NATO's victory over Slobodan Milosevic's dictatorship in Kosovo [letter, July 24]. Mr. Lind's assertion that "throughout the war, the military information coming out of Belgrade was generally more accurate than that coming from Brussels" floored me. That statement makes me wonder where Mr. Lind was while NATO was disrupting, degrading and ultimately witnessing the Serbian Army and "police" withdraw from Kosovo.

I saw NATO publicly review its military operations over the past 24 hours every morning. I never once saw the Serbs do the same. The commander of NATO forces gave frequent open and candid views of the military campaign to the press. I never once saw the head of the Serbian military in Kosovo do the same. Indeed, throughout the war NATO tried to get its best story out based on solid facts while the Serbian regime obstructed, arrested and even murdered journalists of dissenting opinion.

The propaganda out of Belgrade during NATO's successful air campaign was predictable Cold War communist. If the military information Mr. Lind got from Belgrade was so accurate, I defy him to find the more than 50 planes that Belgrade claimed NATO lost during the campaign.