I was appalled to read that Webster Hubbell spoke at the Atlanta convention of the American Bar Association [Washington in Brief, Aug. 7]. It makes no difference what he said, though I think what he did say bordered on nonsense. My complaint is that he was there at all.

Webster Hubbell is a twice-convicted, self-admitted felon who bilked his partners and cheated on his taxes. Such reprehensible conduct by the senior partner of a large law firm -- and a former mayor of Little Rock, a former chief justice of the Supreme Court of Arkansas and formerly the third-highest official in the U.S. Department of Justice -- should banish such a perp to eternal obscurity.

As a lawyer and a member of the ABA since 1964, I am embarrassed that the association, supposedly a bastion of ethical and distinguished members of the bar, would give over its rostrum to such a person. It is no wonder that the public has such a low opinion of the legal profession.

I joined the ABA because I was told that its mission was to enhance the reputation and advance the standing of the legal profession. What would the public think about doctors if Jack Kevorkian were invited to defend his conduct before an American Medical Association convention?


Chevy Chase