I was chagrined to read Shu Shin Luh's profile of the Starpower cable TV company ["Upstart Cable Firm Takes on Former Monopolies," Financial, Aug. 8]. I live in a "Starpower" building and have been engaged for a year now in an attempt to get them to:

(1) Return one phone call from me.

(2) Implement a customer service department.

(3) Follow through on any promise to correct problems.

(4) Cease charging me monthly local number portability charges, for which I pay AT&T and am also being billed by Starpower. (The reason I pay these charges to AT&T is because Starpower has in almost one year been unable to connect me with the phone service I signed up for.)

I have written the D.C. Public Service Commission, members of Congress and the FCC about Starpower. The Post continues to print stories that qualify as PR for this company; I am waiting for The Post to brush off its journalistic credentials and do a story about the many and profound failings of Starpower. It may be a great cable company, but it is in no way near ready to be anyone's phone company.