The Sept. 7 Metro story "Potomac Yard Stands at Crossing" reported that Alexandria has set aside land for a $50 million Metro stop. But because of this hefty price tag, the city does not plan to build the stop any time soon. "I just don't think we have the luxury of building something now in anticipation of something happening in the future," said Alexandria transportation chief Thomas O'Kane.

Mr. O'Kane believes that roads and bus service to and from Potomac Yard will meet the traffic demands warranted by the 600,000-square-foot strip mall, as well as the yet-to-be-built 10 million square feet of town house, hotel and office space.

As an Alexandria resident, I am in favor of the addition to Potomac Yard. I believe it will bring economic growth to the area. But I also believe that without adequate planning, this already congested area may face a traffic nightmare like the one that plagued Redskins Stadium recently ["Opening Day Nightmare," front page, Sept. 13]. Mr. O'Kane and other city planners should take the Redskins debacle into consideration and reexamine the need for a Potomac Yard Metro stop.

The Metro stop might not be an absolute necessity now, but it certainly will be in the future. As state policeman Sgt. Kenneth Thrasher said, "You can't push a beach ball through a garden hose" ["Redskins Promise More Lots at Stadium," front page, Sept. 14]. I just hope that Alexandria takes appropriate action on the Potomac Yard traffic situation before the city has a debacle of its own.