I agree with Ed Fendly and Peter Harnik [letters, Sept. 9] about the increasing dangers to pedestrians in the suburban areas adjacent to the District.

As a former resident of Montgomery County who recently moved to the city for safety and a sense of neighborhood, I feel qualified to speak to this problem.

Many elderly people, including me, must go to doctors located in that growing nightmare called Friendship Heights. Try, just try, with a cane or a walker to cross Wisconsin Avenue to or from the Barlow Building or the Chevy Chase Building. The "walk" lights do not stay on long enough to make it halfway across the street.

Many, much younger than my 79 years, also are confused by these "automobile-timed" signals, and many motorists don't even see the stoplight. I've had three close calls.

How many more accidents? How many near heart attacks? No one seems to give a damn for pedestrians of any age, race or ethnic background. Nobody.

Why is there so much emphasis on moving traffic to the next town or stoplight and so little regard for those on foot? Why do so many rushing, darting, self-centered automobile drivers lack basic knowledge of rules of the road, basic manners and consideration for their fellow human beings? Do they think they alone have a right be on the road?

Talk about road rage. Talk about spoiled brats (no age limit on that). I'm talking about pedestrian rage. Pedestrians need to band together -- we're also voters.