The Sept. 20 op-ed column "For an Accused War Criminal, a 50-Year Haven in America" tries to portray anti-Nazi resistance hero Momcilo Djujic as a modern politically incorrect villain.

Let's see, Mr. Djujic, who fought both Nazis and Communists, was "accused of war crimes" by the current neo-Nazi Croatian regime and the former Communist regime in Yugoslavia. Now there's a credible indictment.

The op-ed column alternately berates Mr. Djujic for fighting the Croatian Ustashe forces, whose goal was annihilation of the Serbs, and for not fighting the German and Italian occupation forces. Check the history -- the Ustashe operated in concert with the Germans, and the Chetniks fought both. Which is it, did the Chetniks fight too hard or not enough? For the op-ed writer, it doesn't matter -- the Serbs are to be damned no matter what they did.

The most astonishing bit of revisionist history is the unsupported assertion that Mr. Djujic, and the Chetniks generally, massacred Croatian civilians and "are guilty of excesses during the war." This is World War II, in which the Allies regularly firebombed German cities, and the Ustashe murdered three-quarters of a million Serbs, Jews and Gypsies in Jasenovac and other death camps. And despite acknowledging the absence of documentary proof on the issue, the writer claims that the Serbs committed excesses.