I would like respond to some of your paper's commentary on the Ryder Cup [Sports, Sept. 27-28].

To give the Brits the benefit of the doubt, I will assume that their coverage of the event was not as extensive as it was here, because anyone who watched the entire event would have recognized the similarities between the exuberance demonstrated by the American players after Justin Leonard sunk his 45-foot putt on 17 and the repeated outbursts by European players, particularly Jesper Parnevik and Sergio Garcia, throughout the entire match. The only difference was that Parnevik and Garcia did not have all of their teammates jumping around the greens with them because their great shots did not occur on the final day in one of the final match-deciding pairings, as Leonard's shot did.

Further, let us all remember the European team is also prone to celebration when wrapping up the match--in particular, the Europeans' regrettable, in-your-face conga line of recent Ryder Cup history.

Finally, let me apologize to those European team members, especially Colin Montgomerie and Jose Maria Olazabal, who were heckled during the match. Such behavior on the part of spectators is inexcusable. We need to teach people how to act at golf events or remove them more quickly and consistently.

--Bob Humphries