Marc Fisher's article on my childhood heroes, Willard Scott and Ed Walker -- a k a, the Joy Boys -- brought back some cherished memories [front page, Sept. 13].

My friend David Klein and I worshiped the ground the Joy Boys walked on. Every morning, as we walked to Eastern Junior High School, we'd laugh ourselves silly about their latest commercial or serial episode. But they got me in hot water with my parents.

You see, the Joy Boys radio show extended way past my bedtime. This was generally only a minor inconvenience, as my miniaturized, state-of-the-art transistor radio, with its earpiece enabled me to set up a clandestine listening station from my bed.

One evening late into the show, the Joy Boys put on one of their fake commercials. This one poked fun at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. At "Kentucky Fried Liver," they said, the liver was "perforated," allowing the gravy to run directly onto the underlying bread.

While I recognized that the slightest noise might give away my illegal activity, I could not hold back my laughter. This exposed my covert activity, which was immediately and mercilessly shut down, and my radio was confiscated.

The termination was merely temporary, though, as I procured a replacement radio shortly thereafter. And I set up a new listening post to hear the sweet hilarity that remains a treasured childhood memory.