The Sept. 5 news story "Ethiopia Rejects Peace Terms With Eritrea" erroneously stated that Ethiopia "rejected a revised peace proposal with Eritrea." Ethiopia has not "rejected" any proposal; we are continuing our consultations with the Organization of African Unity (OAU).

Second, there is no "revised peace proposal." Only one peace proposal is on the table--the OAU Framework Agreement. Ethiopia accepted it in November 1998, immediately after its unanimous approval by the OAU. The framework was accepted by the Eritrean government after decisive military losses in February 1999.

The framework calls for the full withdrawal of Eritrean forces from areas invaded and occupied on and after May 6, 1998. Following Eritrean withdrawal, an Ethiopian civilian administration would be reestablished, and the more than 400,000 Ethiopians displaced by the Eritrean invasion would return to their homes. The border then would be conclusively delineated and demarcated. Return to the status quo ante is the basis of the peace process.

To facilitate the implementation of the peace process, technical arrangements were set out in detail. After reviewing the technical arrangements, we found new provisions that were inconsistent with the framework and that did not sufficiently ensure the core principles of the peace proposal.

Despite these concerns, we will continue our dialogue with the OAU. Ethiopia's goal is to conclude an acceptable arrangement soon.



Embassy of Ethopia