From remarks by State Department spokesman Jamie Rubin at a news briefing yesterday in Washington:

Q: I assume you've been following the events in Pakistan. What can you tell us about what you know?

Jamie Rubin: Yes, we have. During the course of the morning, Secretary Albright was briefed by Assistant Secretary Inderfurth about the situation in Pakistan. Our embassy there has received credible reports that military units are being deployed close to airports; that the television and radio stations are off the air and are being surrounded by troops; that there are troops surrounding the prime minister's residence. There has been some disruption of phone service. As far as our embassy has reported, so far there have been no confirmed instances of violence. . . .

Q: Isn't this on the eve of the Indian prime minister's -- new prime minister of India taking the oath today, I mean India time. And some of the anti-peace elements in Pakistan were saying that they do not agree with the two prime ministers . . . So what is the future of . . . India-Pakistan peace?

A: I'm not sure I would assume that the developments in Pakistan are related to the developments in India. I know, given the proximity of the two countries and the interest in each country in developments in the other that there's a tendency to link such events. At this point, we have not made such a linkage. Our view is based on what we know in the embassy.