Your laudatory piece on traffic flow at the stadium focused on getting to the stadium, at least as far as Metro riders were concerned [front page, Oct. 4]. But several organizational problems with Metro's service at the stadium should be addressed.

(1) The larger ridership endured substantial delays in leaving the stadium -- on the order of half an hour. I saw one fistfight erupt on a bus and a number of instances of pushing, as passengers jockeyed for position in undefined queues waiting for too few buses. I note this while acknowledging that a relatively happy atmosphere in the wake of a Redskins victory generally prevailed.

Few Metro workers were on hand to direct riders. But those who were there were helpful and remained calm.

(2) The passenger pickup area is inadequately lit and is marked for parking, not for passenger pickup. For games ending after dark, additional lighting should be provided.

(3) Metro insisted on collecting its $2 bus rider fee at the stadium. I attended a game last year where the fee was collected at the Metro station prior to boarding, which was less burdensome than waiting in 10- to 20-person deep lines at the stadium.

Increasing Metro ridership to and from games will depend on the comfort and convenience that the service provides.