The Oct. 5 editorial "Campaign Misfirings" inaccurately portrayed last year's fight in the Virginia General Assembly for a bill to prohibit guns in recreation centers. I am a member of the House Militia and Police Committee that took up the bill, and I was the sponsor of the legislation.

The editorial quoted Republican Del. Jeannemarie Devolites as saying that she voted to send the bill to another committee "to try to give it a second chance" because a tie vote would have killed it. That is not true.

Del. Devolites voted with all the Republicans and one rural Democrat to re-refer the bill to the Courts of Justice Committee, where it was almost sure to be killed. Had she voted against the motion to re-refer, the motion would have died on a tie vote, but the bill would not have. The main motion was to report the bill to the House floor for action, and we would then have voted on that. A vote to kill the bill directly would have been difficult for some who voted to re-refer it. The vote to re-refer the bill was not a friendly act and would not have "kept the bill alive."



The writer, a Democrat, represents the 38th district in the Virginia House of Delegates.