VIRGINIANS VOTE today, from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., for a new General Assembly and for local offices. Here is a summary of our endorsements:

House of Delegates

District 32: C. B. "Kelly" Burk (D).

District 34: Vincent F. Callahan (R).

District 35: Jeannemarie A. Devolites (R).

District 36: Kenneth R. Plum (D).

District 38: Robert D. Hull (D) and Stephen F. Smith (R).

District 39: Vivian E. Watts (D).

District 41: James H. Dillard II (R).

District 43: Gladys B. Keating (D).

District 44: Kristen J. Amundson (D).

District 45: Marian Van Landingham (D).

District 47: James F. Almand (D).

District 48: Robert H. Brink (D).

District 53: James M. Scott (D).

District 67: James E. Mitchell III (D).

Virginia Senate

District 29: Charles Colgan (D).

District 30: Patricia Ticer (D).

District 31: Mary Margaret Whipple (D).

District 32: Janet D. Howelll (D).

District 34: Jane H. Woods (R).

District 35: Richard L. Saslaw (D).

District 36: Linda T. "Toddy" Puller (D).

Fairfax County Supervisors

Countywide Chairman: Katherine K. "Kate" Hanley (D).

Dranesville District: Stu Mendelsohn (R).

Hunter Mill District: Cathy Hudgins (D).

Lee District: Dana Kauffman (D).

Mason District: Penelope A. "Penny" Gross (D).

Fairfax County Sheriff

Stan Barry (D).

Arlington County Board

Paul Ferguson (D).

Mike Lane (R).