In the Oct. 19 editorial "Tapping Frozen Assets" The Post didn't mention that on Feb. 26, 1996, President Clinton said, "I am asking that Congress pass legislation that would provide immediate compensation to the families, something to which they are entitled under international law out of Cuba's blocked assets here in the United States."

But after Congress passed the law, the president blocked the families. This is what the editorial should have attacked. As the president said, the families are entitled to compensation for the losses in terrorists attacks, and the terrorists should pay the bill. The White House also said frozen asset money is "Cuban government money that will never go to Cuba."

The first victims mentioned in the editorial are relatives of the Brothers to the Rescue victims shot down by the Cubans in the Florida straits. They are astounded that their own president is blocking them from the compensation he said they were entitled to. The other family is the Flatows of New Jersey. Their college-age daughter Alisa was killed in a terrorist act in Israel sponsored by Iran. This family was encouraged personally by the president to seek compensation under the law, but now he rebuffs them.

These victims are real, and so is this law. Let's not victimize these Americans a second time.


U.S. Senator (R-Fla.)