I find it disturbing that nowhere in any of your Nov. 9 news articles regarding the 10-year-anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down is the name Ronald Reagan mentioned. Without his leadership, we would have nothing to celebrate.

Contrary to the rewriting of recent history, Reagan brought about the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Reagan called the Soviet Union what it was, an "evil empire." It was Reagan who resisted the arms control crowd in Rejavik, Iceland, and refused to accept a bad arms control treaty, and it was Reagan who refused to give up the strategic defense initiative (SDI).

Mikhail Gorbachev admitted, and former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher concurred, that SDI was one of the primary reasons for the breakup of the Soviet Union, because it could not afford to continue to compete militarily against the United States. It was Reagan who demanded, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

Instead, your paper heralds Gorbachev as a visionary. Gorbachev did not intend for the Soviet Union to come crashing down. The Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall collapsed because he couldn't maintain the communist-socialist system while granting people a little freedom here and there.

Gorbachev didn't realize that you can't parcel out freedom; it's an all or nothing proposition.

--Patricia E. Paulson