I read with great alarm the Nov. 4 self-pity piece involving Samuel Sheinbein's parents [Metro]. As the lead prosecutor in that case, I can safely say I have witnessed and read many outrages over the past two years. But to read these recent words of his enabling parents is just too much to absorb in silence.

Victoria Sheinbein celebrates the fact that her murdering son will close out his furloughs in the Israeli system with a final release in his early thirties. She gratuitously blames Aaron Needle for the murder, when all of the evidence clearly establishes this murder was a two-man job.

Only Sam had written up a recipe list for committing murder and (theoretically) getting away with it. While the strongest physical evidence relating to dismemberment was against Sam, the original cause of death--blunt force trauma to the head, cutting injuries to the neck and head and strangulation--by definition involved both Sam and Aaron.

Sol Sheinbein turns morality on its head, claiming that his "soul-searching" caused him to seize the moral high ground of obstructing justice and perverting the intentions of Israel's citizenship law. If his actions were of such great character, why did the Knesset so firmly reject him by writing a law responsive to his abuse of citizenship?

I have no doubt that the past two years have been difficult for the Sheinbein family, as they have been for the Needles. I also have no doubt that it insults the legitimate victims, the loved ones of Freddy Tello, to have to read the psychobabble from the mouths of scofflaws in your paper. For everyone's sake, please end the stories about Sam Sheinbein without his family having the last word, or laugh.

--Jim Trusty