In all the talk about soccer champ Brandi Chastain, sports bras, equality, women's pride in their bodies and "culture shifts" in the wake of the breast-baring stunt of the Ohio State women's rugby team at the Lincoln Memorial, I have yet to hear anyone address the inappropriateness of such an action at such a sacred national symbol as the memorial ["More Than Meets the Eye," front page, Nov. 6].

Stripping down might be funny somewhere else, but at a place such as the Lincoln Memorial it is disrespectful and offensive. I was visiting the memorial some years ago when two young men decided to take each other's pictures sitting on the statue's lap. The first one got away with it -- to the shock of the other visitors -- but by the time the second one climbed up, someone had alerted the police, who took both culprits away in handcuffs to the applause of all present. The Lincoln Memorial should be remembered for the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., not for the breasts of the Ohio State women's rugby team. Perhaps next time these women feel like "expressing themselves," they'll choose their venue more carefully.