From remarks by President Clinton on the White House South Lawn yesterday:

Tomorrow we celebrate the last Thanksgiving of this century. A hundred years ago, on these very grounds, President William McKinley reflected on the last turn of the century. He said, "Seldom has this nation had greater cause for profound thanksgiving." Those words ring even more true today.

Today we count among our national blessings a time of unprecedented prosperity, with the expanding economy, low rates of poverty and unemployment . . . limitless opportunities for our children. . . .

We are also very grateful for the peace and freedom America continues to enjoy, thanks to our men and women in uniform, many of whom I saw yesterday [in Kosovo] -- a very long way from home at Thanksgiving.

As we gather around our dinner tables tomorrow with family and friends, let us give thanks for all these things that hold us together as a people: the duty we owe to our parents and our children, the nurturing and education of our families, especially our children and, for many, our grandchildren, the bounty of our earth and the strong spirit of community we enjoy here in the United States.

We also know, as we celebrate our blessings, that there are still too many people who are hungry at this holiday season, both . . . around the world and, sadly, even here in the United States. That's why it's so important that we not only give thanks but also give back to our communities.