As I read "Clearing the Deck at Gore Headquarters: Campaign Manager Donna Brazile's Mission" [Style, Nov. 16], I was struck by the absurdities of your paper's muddled and cringing approach to race and ethnicity in modern America.

Your paper's crime stories omit any mention of the race of criminal defendants and suspects--despite the obvious relevance of such an important detail for your readers--especially for those who might have the bad luck to live in a neighborhood in the process of being terrorized by violent (yet still not apprehended) criminals, and who might wish to avoid becoming victims themselves.

At the same time, however, readers are treated to a feature article--such as "Clearing the Deck"--that includes such statements as: "She [Brazile] will not let the 'white boys' win," and "A white boy attitude is ' "I must exclude, denigrate and leave behind," ' Brazile says. 'They don't see it or think about it. It's a culture.' It is the sense of utter entitlement. And that she will not have."

Does your paper believe that racism and moronic racial stereotyping are improper only when and if the "wrong" sort of people practice it? Would you print an article that purported to explain black "boys" and their "attitude" and "culture" in such bigoted and intellectually sloppy terms?

I'll say one thing in Brazile's favor: At least she has the forthrightness (however reckless) to own up to her true racial attitudes and motivations. On that important subject it seems your paper remains confused.

--John Brigham