Patricia Davis's Nov. 15 and Nov. 18 Metro articles "Fifth-Graders Charged Over Soapy Drink" and "Boys Go to Court in Felony Case" report the story of two boys involved in a felony case in Arlington's Randolph Elementary School. The first article begins with the name of the mother of one of the boys, who, we are told later in the article, is "an immigrant from El Salvador who speaks little English." No mention about the identity of the other boy involved in the same felony "another fifth-grader . . . [whose] identity could not be learned."

Though the Latino boy's name was not released by your paper "because of its policy not to identify juvenile defendants," readers have been given enough evidence to trace him. The name of the school, the grade he is in, the name of his mother, his nationality, the name of his stepfather all appear in the articles. Does the other boy belong to a white, middle-class family able to summon all their connections in order not to have their name published?

As a daily reader, I wish your paper would guard against any type of discrimination and guarantee fair treatment to all. If the identity of the family of one boy was unavailable, the other's should not have been published--especially because he belongs to a race already too much discriminated against.

--Marinetta Cannito Hjort