Tom Kenworthy's Nov. 12 news story about the resignation of Gloria Flora, the Forest Service supervisor in Nevada, reflected a bias in both your paper's coverage and the administration's actions.

I agree with the Forest Service official interviewed who said, a "civil servant shouldn't be forced to face down the threat of pick-and-shovel-wielding law breakers on her own." But I would not choose to demonize local concerns. I have asked for an investigation of Flora's charges. If she has any evidence that the protesters in Elko made armed threats or destroyed government property, we need to see it immediately.

The "concern" for federal employees on the part of your paper would be easier to accept if your coverage were a bit more balanced. The House Resources Committee recently investigated the Forest Service's efforts to enforce the law against an illegal, armed, eco-terrorist occupation in the Willamette National Forest. Coverage by your paper was sparse.

Your paper should use the same standard to address political protests on federal lands, whether the protesters are "politically correct" and in sync with the Clinton-Gore administration's approach to using federal land, or if they are acting as Flora alleges.

--Don Young

The writer, a Republican representative from Alaska, is chairman of the House Committee on Resources.