From remarks by President Clinton in Los Angeles Tuesday at a benefit hosted by the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence:

The same crowd that said--in 1993 when we were trying to pass the Brady Bill--they said all these criminals, they don't buy guns at gun stores; they buy all their guns at flea markets and gun shows and all that. So this Brady Bill won't do any good.

So we did the Brady Bill; 470,000 [gun sale] rejections later they now say, oh, it won't do any good to close the gun-show loophole. I wanted to go back and read them what they said in '93. That's sort of the just-say-no crowd. . . .

The second thing we have to do is to build on the success of the assault weapons ban by closing the gaping loophole there which still allows the legal importation of large-capacity ammunition clips. They ought to be banned from import. We don't need them. The third thing we ought to do--remember the statistic I gave you on accidental child deaths--we ought to require child safety trigger locks on the sale of all new handguns in this country.

Congress ought to follow the lead of California and pass my proposals to ban handgun sales to one a month, to limit them to one a month and once again to require the Brady waiting period to allow a cooling off period. Just because we've got the Instant Background Check doesn't mean we still don't need the waiting period. The waiting period causes people who may not have a criminal background, and who may be in some frenzy, to wait a few days, calm down and it will save lives.