From remarks by Secretary of Defense William Cohen to the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce in Tampa yesterday:

Whenever I face a new audience, I think of the story of Henry Ford, who, after having made all of his millions in this country, decided he wanted to go back to his fatherland in County Cork, Ireland. . . .

When he finally stepped off the plane, there was a group of local town officials . . . [seeking] a contribution from him for the construction of a local hospital. And Ford . . . pulled out his checkbook and made a check out for $5,000.

The next day in bold print, in the local press, it said, "Ford contributes $50,000 for the construction of the local hospital." The local town officials came rushing back to him and said: "Mr. Ford, we are terribly sorry. This is not our fault. It must have been a typographical error, and we'll be happy to see to it that a retraction is printed in tomorrow's press."

He said: "Wait a minute. I think I have got a better idea. You give me one wish; I'll give you the balance of $45,000." It was an offer they couldn't refuse, and they said: "Anything." He said: "When that hospital is finally completed, I want a plaque over the entrance way with a quote taken from a source of my choice." They said: "It's done."

He made the check out, $45,000; the hospital was built and in fact is there today. And it has a plaque over the entrance way with a quote taken from the Book of Matthew. And it says: "I came unto you as a stranger, and you took me in."