From remarks by Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder at a press briefing yesterday at the Department of Justice:

Q: On the arrest of the . . . Russian diplomat yesterday, there's been some suggestion that it was merely a kind of response, a sort of tit-for-tat thing. Can you shed any light on whether it was? . . .

Eric Holder: This is not a question of any kind of retaliation. These are separate matters. This is--the matter here in Washington is--something that had been under review for some time and is not in any way related to anything that happened anyplace else.

Q: How long has this investigation been going on? And roughly how long might this bug have been planted on the seventh floor in the conference room in the State Department?

A: I'm not sure I'd want to comment on that. . . .

Q: Did you say, though, at least that it was the result of an FBI agent that this case broke?

A: The FBI did a good job here working with their counterparts at the State Department. But yeah, the FBI was obviously--very obviously--involved in this matter.

Q: Is it a fact that the way this--the whole thing--broke was somebody just saw this person out there consistently and kind of wondered what he was doing there?

A: Well, there were a number of things that led to the discovery of this whole operation. . . . I think I'll let the folks at the State Department talk about it in greater detail.