The calendar is about to change significantly, and this century soon will recede into history. But what sweet memories of Washington will remain:

Topps Drive-In restaurants with their efficient "curb service."

Baseball and football played at Griffith Stadium.

The top-notch entertainment at the Shoreham's Blue Room.

The Washington Daily News tabloid -- just 3 cents.

The Showboat Lounge on 18th Street NW, jazz club of the late acclaimed guitarist Charlie Byrd.

Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux and his Tabernacle Church on 7th Street NW, across from Griffith Stadium.

"Two for the Road," WMAL's pairing of veteran Bill Trumbull and newcomer Chris Core.

Bassin's sidewalk cafe on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th Street NW.

Hot Shoppes with their Mighty Mo sandwiches and A & W root-beer floats.

ABC laws that prohibited the patrons of Washington bars and restaurants from carrying their drinks from table to table.

The stage shows at the Howard Theatre, especially the Saturday midnight shows.

High's Dairy Stores, which cheerfully dotted the area.

Hall of Famer Luke Appling's home run at RFK Stadium in an Old-Timers Game -- at age 75.

The mellifluous voice of radio's Felix Grant and his "Album Sound."

Being able to choose whether to take the elevator or the stairs to the top of the Washington Monument.

The radio and TV commercial slogan: "Next to a new car, a Chernerized car is best."

Eddie Leonard sandwich shops.

Uline Arena, a popular venue for ice hockey, wrestling and other sports events.

Frank Harden and Jackson Weaver waking up Washington with a smile.

Driving along Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House.

The Bama (Jerry Washington) spinning songs of unrequited love.

The Saturday midnight closing of bars.

Green-roofed Little Taverns peppering the city, offering hamburgers for a dime ("Buy 'em by the bag.")

Radio station WOOK and its "now let's take a WOOK at the weather."

The two Blue Mirrors: one on F Street at 13th NW presenting wonderful cream puffs and Napoleons (pastries); one on 14th Street presenting exotic dancers such as Blaze Starr and Tempest Storm (pasties).

The Joy Boys -- affable Willard Scott and the ever-clever Ed Walker -- singing, "We are the Joy Boys of Radio, we chase electrons to and fro. . . ."

The lunch counters of Peoples Drug Stores.

The local TV version of "Romper Room" featuring schoolmarm Miss Connie.

Duke Zeibert's.

"The Milt Grant Show" and "Teenerama Dance Party" -- Washington's answers to "The Dick Clark Show."

Roberta Flack killing them softly with her songs at Mr. Henry's while teaching music at Howard University.

The little boy in the TV commercials for Jhoon Rhee Martial Arts Studios boasting, "Nobody bothers me."

Lovable Channel-9 sportscaster Glenn Brenner.

-- Vance Garnett