Caroline Mayer's article on her experience with [Business, Dec. 12] was accurate and fair, but she failed to include at least two advantages of using a service such as Streamline.

First, grocery shopping involves buying and hauling many bulky items week after week. What a pleasure it is to have items such as big bags of dog food, diapers, two-liter bottles of soda and laundry detergent delivered to the door.

Second, since there is no contract to sign, users can try out Streamline for as long as they wish and assess whether it works for their families. There is no risk, and with the two months free plus $50 in free groceries, what is there to lose?

As Ms. Mayer said, this method of shopping forced me to get organized about my meal planning and grocery ordering. But as a result, my family is eating better meals, and I am spending less -- even without the benefit of coupons and "super deals" -- since I am not impulse buying at the grocery store. I too still need to visit the store for the odd item, but what a pleasure to get in the express lane and walk out with a bag in hand, knowing that my large, heavy, routine purchases will be delivered to my home.


Falls Church