From an ABC "Good Morning, America" interview yesterday with Secretary of Defense William Cohen in Tusla, Bosnia:

Jack Ford: Is there anything more we know now about specific threats against Americans either at home or abroad?

William Cohen: There's no greater specific information we can give at this time, but we are following it very closely. All of our intelligence agencies are cooperating worldwide with their counterparts, and so there is a sharing of intelligence to make sure that we have the latest possible information to make sure that we can deter, detect and discourage any attempts on American lives anywhere in the world.

Q: When we say that our American troops and bases are put on a heightened state of alert, what does that mean exactly?

A: It means that we go to a heightened state to make sure that there are extra precautions taken for checking vehicles that might be in the region, people coming in and out of the base, to make sure that there are no surprises. . . .

Q: What sort of warnings or cautions would you give, Mr. Secretary, to Americans who are planning on traveling abroad during the holidays, especially as we approach the year 2000?

A: Well, basically they should continue with their plans. We do not advocate any change in plans but rather to make them aware of a general threat that is worldwide, that there are some groups out there that seem determined to ruin the holiday if they can.