From remarks by Defense Department spokesman Kenneth Bacon at the Pentagon yesterday:

The name of our operation to help the Venezuelans deal with the tragedy caused by the flooding is Fundamental Response, Operation Fundamental Response. And we are . . . setting up a joint task force, which will be called Joint Task Force Fundamental Response, to manage our part of the emergency relief and rehabilitation efforts in Venezuela.

We currently have 107 people working as part of Operation Fundamental Response. That's up 13 from Tuesday. There are 10 helicopters--that's up two from Tuesday--and five C-130s--that's up two from Tuesday--and two other planes that . . . are contract planes that are working to supply goods. . . . So far, our planes have flown 449 sorties and transported more than 5,300 flood victims to safety. . . .

Today a C-5A Galaxy from the New York National Guard flew down two reverse osmosis water-purification units. These actually were picked up in Puerto Rico, where they're run by the Puerto Rican National Guard and Army National Guard, and taken down to Venezuela. Each one of these units can purify 60,000 gallons of water a day. And they join a smaller unit that was there on Tuesday, that purifies 12,000 gallons of water a day.

We have two other large purification units in Puerto Rico ready to transport down to Venezuela to meet--going to their primary needs right now, which is drinking water.