From an NBC "Today" interview yesterday with John Koskinen, chairman of the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion:

Katie Couric: How confident are you that there will be no Y2K disasters in this country?

John Koskinen: We're very confident. . . . We don't think there will be any nationwide or even regional problems. We are reminding people that there are glitches in computer systems every day and there will probably be glitches during that weekend, but they won't rise to the level of anything significant. . . .

Q: So what will these glitches cause?

A: Well, what you're likely to see, if you experience them, is maybe delays in dial tones. . . . But I think, for the majority of Americans, they probably won't notice anything. . . .

Q: So you're not expecting any widespread power failures; for example, traffic lights turning off or bank statements . . . showing up with zero in the account?

A: There's no chance that your bank statement will show zero unless you had zero to start with. The power companies, we think, run at less than 50 percent of capacity on that weekend, so we could have a lot of power plants with difficulties, and no one would notice that. So we think we're in good shape. Now, in terms of traffic lights, they're run at the local level, and probably in some cities, someplace in the United States, the traffic lights in some corners may flash. But again, that happens every day.