From an interview with Jane Garvey, administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, on the CBS "Early Show" Wednesday:

Julie Chen: The head of the Federal Aviation Administration is so confident the nation's airlines and airports are Y2K-ready that she'll be flying the friendly skies as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. . . . Why are you doing this -- to prove a point?

Jane Garvey: Well, I think it's really a show of confidence. . . .

Q: Tell me about your itinerary. . . . Your route is taking you from where, D.C. first [then] to Dallas?

A: That's correct, D.C. to Dallas, and from Dallas to San Francisco.

Q: Are you concerned at all?

A: Well, I'm really not. We have a wonderful, wonderful system. It's really the safest system in the world. We've got the world's best controllers, wonderful technicians who have built this system and maintained it. And I'm very confident. It's a terrific system, a wonderful aviation system.

Q: . . . How can you be so sure? I understand for the last three years the FAA has been trying to get Y2K-ready and spent hundreds of millions of dollars?

Q: We have spent millions of dollars. We've tested the system end to end. They were Y2K-compliant on June 30th. We've had those systems validated, by the way, from outside sources as well as from the FAA. We've gotten outside contractors. We've had the inspector general look at it. So we're feeling that we've done everything that we can.