The Dec. 5 Metro article about football at Virginia Tech did not mention a pending Supreme Court case that reveals the dark side of football worship.

Christy Brzonkala was a freshman at Virginia Tech in 1994 when she said she was raped by two football players. She sued the university and the two men two months later. The university judicial committee found one of the students guilty of rape and recommended his suspension for two semesters.

The administration not only allowed the student to return without suspension; it continued his full football scholarship. Ms. Brzonkala filed suit in District Court under Title IX of the Education Amendments and under the Violence Against Women Act of 1994. The conservative 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the latter unconstitutional. Ms. Brzonkala appealed to the Supreme Court, and the United States has intervened to defend the constitutionality of the statute.

Ms. Brzonkala's efforts are heroic, while the response of football-addicted Virginia Tech is an affront to all who care about justice and educational opportunity for women.


President, Arlington Branch

American Association of University Women


The American Association of University Women is a contributor to Christy Brzonkala's legal fund.