The Post characterized Hillary Clinton's move into a new residence in Chappaqua, N.Y., as "a seemingly typical move on a seemingly typical day, except for the 10 TV cameras . . . " [front page, Jan. 5]. But the media attention and security levels are not what makes the move exceptional. Indeed, any move into a $1.7 million home on the "moneyed lanes of . . . Westchester County" only highlights her elite position as First Lady. Therefore, if any reporting on such an occasion is to be done, it is only responsible to examine the messages that the move sends.

Is the area multi-racial? Does it house any social services for those less affluent or fortunate? Is there any public transportation? Are there decent jobs for nonresidents?

I have never been to Chappaqua and would be interested to know more about its history as well as its social composition and economic topography. However, from what I have learned over the past few months, by making this move Hillary Rodham Clinton seems to be moving away from typical American reality. If running for the Senate demands becoming an elitist, then it is no wonder that politicians are out of touch with the rest of us.