From a Wednesday statement by Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams outside the White House:

Mr. Adams: We have a lot of difficulties to overcome. [President Clinton] has played a crucial role . . . since way back when . . . he was first elected, in creating the conditions to make peace happen in Ireland. I think he's understood clearly, and has had a strategic vision ahead of most others that how you make peace work is that you bring about justice and you make politics work.

. . . Q: Gerry, can I just ask, what did you or what did the president say about [Unionist leader] David Trimble's deadline for [Irish Republican Army] disarmament?

Mr. Adams: Well, I made it clear before I left Ireland that Mr. Trimble has to lead his party and to be true to the Good Friday agreement, . . . the same way as I have to lead our party.

So I look to David Trimble to be leaderly about all of these matters. Deadlines, ultimatums have not worked anywhere in the world in terms of trying to get peace processes to come to democratic conclusions. And let's go forward empowered by the progress that has made life so much better for people on the Island of Ireland.

Q: [British Secretary] Mandelson's comments today in Parliament indicated that perhaps you wouldn't have to blow up weapons; that as long as they were inaccessible, that that would be acceptable. Do you think that that will --

Mr. Adams: Well, first of all, I haven't heard Mr. Mandelson's remarks, so I'll leave that. Secondly, I haven't got any weapons to blow up.