From remarks by President Clinton at Orchard Gardens Community Center in Boston Tuesday:

Last year, we passed some sensible measures in the United States Senate . . . with the vice president casting a tie-breaking vote. As he says, whenever he has to vote, we win. So by one vote, we were able to defeat the high-pressure tactics of the NRA to pass an important advance in doing background checks at gun shows, at urban flea markets, having child safety locks for all new handguns, a ban on importing large-capacity ammunition clips.

But we couldn't pass it in the House of Representatives even after the travesty of Columbine High School. I believe passing common-sense gun safety legislation should be the very first action of this Congress.

I will say again, to all the people who listen to these arguments, there has been no discernible increase in the burden on any law-abiding sports person in this entire country with the Brady Bill and the assault weapons ban, but we've saved a lot of lives of kids, police officers and citizens. And closing the gun-show loophole--which is something I know something about, because they've very popular in my part of the country--or the urban flea market loophole, or banning the import of these large-capacity ammunition clips, which people can't manufacture and sell here at home anyway, or requiring these child safety locks for kids, is an important advance, and it ought to be done.