I greatly enjoyed Marc Fisher's Nov. 14 Metro column on Clifford K. Berryman and the origins of the teddy bear, "Teddy Bear Tale a Wholly, Woolly Washington Affair."

My grandfather Charles Everett Kern was a close friend and colleague of Mr. Berryman's at the old Washington Evening Star and probably previously at The Post (where he was an editor in the mid-1890s). For more than 30 years, Mr. Berryman gave my grandfather pen-and-ink original drawings, which my grandfather in turn had inscribed by a succession of presidents and other luminaries, including William Jennings Bryan and Charles Evans Hughes.

One of particular interest depicts an invalid Theodore Roosevelt, seated and wearing a bathrobe and slippers, being handed a prescription for "Third Term Pellets" by "Dr." Chauncey Depew, the powerful senator from New York, and exclaiming "Oh, Chauncey!" The teddy bear, which naturally also would relish a third term in the White House, is seated on the floor at TR's feet, wide-eyed and salivating.

William Howard Taft and six other identifiable political figures of the day, some appearing quite horrified, are looking down on this scene from a framed picture on the wall.

I believe that Mr. Berryman may have been the best editorial cartoonist of his time.