SOME IN THE sports world are concerned that basketball star LeBron James has been seen driving around in a huge new SUV. Plenty of kids his age -- 18 -- drive to school in SUVs, but not many of them have 2003 Hummer H2s fitted with three television screens and costing more than $50,000, as Mr. James does. But then not many of them are likely to be signing contracts worth $10 million or $15 million as soon as they get out of high school, as Mr. James is, thanks to his reputation as one of the best high school players ever sighted by NBA scouts. His mother says she gave her son the SUV as a birthday present, having bought it with a loan secured on the promise of his future riches. The question is whether it was actually a gift from someone else, in which case Mr. James could lose his amateur status. Another question worth raising is what in the world amateur status means in a situation where (a) Mr. James's entire team is outfitted by a solicitous sneaker company; (b) several of his games have been nationally televised; (c) his team (St. Vincent-St. Mary of Akron) has been playing mostly in college arenas to accommodate the crowds he draws, while charging $15,000 to appear in tournaments; and (d) Mr. James has absolutely no interest in going to college anyway. There is something to be concerned about here, but it's a lot bigger than LeBron James's Hummer.