As a teacher in Montgomery County, I find your Feb. 21 editorial "Snow Days, Again" rather smug and insensitive. You ask why schools couldn't adopt a liberal leave policy, or at least give low-income parents the choice to drive their children to school or take them there by public transportation.

Do you really believe it would be low-income families who would get their children to school and then get themselves to work? Or would it be those with expensive SUVs who can drive to the school and for whom showing up late for work is not a problem? A liberal leave policy would indicate to students that classes might only be half-filled and that any work covered would have to be repeated anyway. The idea also assumes that all teachers would be present and able to carry on the child-caring duties.

It seems clear to me that the safety of students and giving parents time to plan for a snow-day contingency have been primary concerns in deciding whether to cancel classes. I hope that such concerns -- and not concerns about whether the savants at your paper will approve what is never an easy decision -- remain paramount.

-- Jon F. Virden