In his article "The Patience of Jeb" [Style, Feb. 23], Mark Leibovich refers to former first lady Barbara Bush's eyes as being "bugged." Obviously, Leibovich is unaware that Mrs. Bush suffers from Graves' disease, a condition that is the leading cause of hyperthyroidism. Bulging of the eyes is one of the symptoms associated with this disease.

Graves' disease is a very serious, yet treatable condition. Leibovich should not make snide references to someone's physical characteristics without having all of the facts first.

-- Lori Pleines


It's a shame that Mark Leibovich was unable to put aside his apparent personal dislike for Gov. Jeb Bush. His barbs and sarcastic humor portrayed a man unfamiliar to those of us who know and admire Bush.

The personal comments about his wife were unnecessary, and the constant analysis of the inter-personal relationships between Jeb Bush and his family seemed more like Raelian psychobabble than journalism. The writer ridiculed everything, including the Bush family eyes, the governor's personal contact with constituents through e-mail and his commitment to "being a better father and husband."

There was almost no mention of his deep faith, his family-values agenda, his personal qualities and his solid achievements as governor. Perhaps your reporter was concerned that if the people knew too much about the real Jeb Bush, they might just send him to the Senate in 2006.

-- Deborah DeMoss