I am amazed at the gall of Kevin Kelly, whose 21-month-old daughter died while in his care from being left for seven hours in a boiling hot car. He is quoted in a March 11 Metro article as saying, "I don't feel guilt because I never chose to do anything wrong. I feel stupid. I feel absent-minded, I feel like I failed her. I wasn't there when she needed me most."

This man got a slap on the hand for gross negligence resulting in the horrific death of a helpless toddler and he doesn't feel guilty or that he deserved to be charged with a felony. "Absent-minded" and "stupid" are words for when you forget to pick up the dry cleaning.

Mr. Kelly had been warned previously by police and neighbors to take better care of his children. In February 2002, he left his 3-year-old son at a video store for several hours and learned the child was missing only when police called to tell him. I wonder whether social services would have been called in then if he were a minority parent.

Now Mr. Kelly wants his sentence overturned because no matter what happened, he wasn't guilty and shouldn't be held accountable, because he didn't mean to do it. Disgusting.