Thank you for the March 20 editorial "Local Contributions."

My husband, Col. Timothy Regan, is commanding the 308th Civil Affairs Brigade in Kuwait. This is his second call to active duty in Kuwait since January 2002. But even before deployment, his reserve duty required weekends away serving in his unit outside Chicago.

When my husband is not on active duty, we both work full time and share in raising our 7-year-old daughter. The call to active duty, especially an overseas assignment such as this, causes much disruption to our lives. But my husband has an important job to do, and my daughter and I must make sacrifices to support this mission.

The editorial was a reminder that we are not alone and that the reservists' and their families' contributions have not been forgotten.


Montgomery Village

Under normal circumstances, I would vigorously defend the war protesters' right to be heard. After all, freedom of speech is fundamental to all Americans.

However, these protesters' recent actions have put us all at risk by drawing vital police resources away from combating the threat of domestic terrorism [news story, March 21]. The protesters' intentions may be good, but I wish they would put citizens' safety before their own beliefs, if only for a little while.

We could be attacked in our own back yard. We need the D.C. police to be focused on fighting terrorism, not on seizing bicycles blocking traffic in Dupont Circle.